Industry’s First Variable Pitch Platform Screen Door

Engineered for cities in Australia, Europe and the U.S. with metro lines that serve multiple train types that are unable to install traditional platform screen doors (PSD), our Variable Pitch Platform Screen Door (VP-PSD) can seamlessly detect any train door’s correct stop position before the train arrives at the station.

“The development of our flexible and innovative Variable Pitch Platform Screen Door marks a major advancement in the capabilities for the rail industry. Building on our engineering expertise and innovative technologies, our customers can now dynamically manage legacy train systems while ensuring commuter safety. Our solution underscores our firm commitment in delivering safe, reliable and efficient train services for global commuters,” said Yong Thiam Chong, President, Mobility, Electronics, ST Engineering.

Our VP-PSD solution will serve as a safety barrier between the platform and the train track, preventing commuters from falling onto train tracks especially during peak periods with high human traffic. In addition to safety indicators that alert commuters on door opening and closure, the VP-PSD also features a finger gap sensor to prevent fingers from getting trapped between the doors.

Being a free-standing structure, the VP-PSD can be incorporated into both existing and new platforms. This results in increased platform standing space for commuters without the fear of accidentally falling on to the tracks while waiting for the train.

In addition to being one of the top global PSD suppliers with the Safety Integrity Level 3 certification, our rail electronic solutions have also helped city planners and rail operators manage complex, expanding metro networks as well as rising expectations for seamless and smart commuting.

The VP-PSD is the newest addition to our comprehensive suite of Smart Metro solutions including the Automatic Fare Collection, Cyber-Resilient Command Control & Communication (C3) system, Enterprise Asset Management System, Smart Metro Control Centre and Passenger Information System.

Click here to see our suite of mobility rail solutions in AusRAIL PLUS 2019.

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