Smart Mobility

Smart City Solution Showcase

Find out how smart city solutions help cities, estate and mobility operators harness technology and data insights to drive digital transformation.

45 mins

Navigating Through the Changing Landscape of Urban Mobility

Learn how ST Engineering's extensive range of intelligent traffic management solutions address the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow.

60 mins

The Electric Vehicle Revolution: Are you prepared for electrification?

Learn about what it takes to spark the transition of private vehicles, vehicular fleets and public transport into the all-electric bandwagon.

60 mins

Rail MRO: Autonomous Rail Inspection Vehicle – TunnelFox®

Gain insights on how TunnelFox® overcomes challenges in rail MRO inspection of tracks and tunnels with an intelligent data-driven solution.

60 mins

Transforming the Future of Traffic Management and Rail Operations Centres

Learn how technologies such as AI, automation, big data and cloud computing transform the future of traffic management and rail operations.

60 mins

Disruptions In Urban Mobility for Connected Cities

Dr Evangelos Simoudis’ book on “Transportation Transformation” forecasts a paradigm shift – from on-demand mobility services…

25 minutes

SMART Operations & Maintenance of Rail Systems: C3 & EAMS, Taiwan

Today, rail operators worldwide are striving to enhance commuting experience in an efficient way. With the advancement of sensing and predictive data

16 minutes

Managing the Future of Mobility

Our mobility landscape is changing. Our expectations have evolved for how we move around our cities and countries...

23 minutes

Smart Parking Webinar: Finding Opportunities Amidst The Pandemic Crisis

Our speakers will be sharing their global experiences on how to overcome urban parking challenges with technologies.

85 minutes