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Leveraging IoT Technologies to Elevate Lift Operations to the Next Level

Learn what it takes to run critical lift operations effortlessly with enhanced visibility and predictive...

October 21, 2021 3:00 pm GMT+8

60 mins

The Electric Vehicle Revolution: Are you prepared for electrification?

Learn about what it takes to spark the transition of private vehicles, vehicular fleets and public transport into the all-electric...

60 mins

Rail MRO Education Series 1: Autonomous Rail Inspection Vehicle – TunnelFox®

Gain insights on how TunnelFox® overcomes challenges in rail MRO inspection of tracks and tunnels with an intelligent data-driven solution ...

60 mins

Reimagine Security: Exploring new dimensions beyond traditional fences and locks

Unlocks higher levels of protection for your assets and critical infrastructure with a fully integrated perimeter security system plus a sneak peek...

45 mins

Transforming the Future of Traffic Management and Rail Operations Centres

Learn how technologies such as AI, automation, big data analytics and cloud computing can be leveraged to transform the future of traffic management...

60 mins

Engineered for Protection: AGIL Fence – How FBG Technology Improves Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions

Learn about a new physical security technology. This next generation of fiber optic sensors uses Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) on fences to protect...

45 minutes

AGIL Cloud Management Virtual Launch: The X-factoRs of Cloud

Strategise your Cloud move with us by exploring what Cloud technology has to offer and why it’s of great urgency to migrate...

50 minutes

Rethink Cybersecurity: Securing IT/OT environment with Cross Domain Solutions

Discover cybersecurity strategies and solutions to mitigate and protect the complexity of IT and OT network...

40 minutes

Enabling the Future of Smart Cities: Smart Sensors that Drive Business Outcomes

Discover how smart sensors and radar technologies play an important role in transforming businesses and smart cities of the future to improve overall...

45 minutes

Opportunities and Challenges of AIoT for Smart Cities

The convergence between Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, offers a path forward for cities looking to...

31 minutes