60s Video Series: Enabling Efficient Enterprise Asset Management for Rail Operators

Ng Liang Chin

VP, Mobility-Rail, ST Engineering

Amongst rail operators, there has always been significant importance and interest placed in the application of asset management principles and the management of railway networks. Rail operators require a system capable of providing a level of service in the most cost-effective yet efficient manner.

Our Enterprise Asset Management System will enable engineers to better monitor the health of various rail operating assets, integrating asset information and maintenance records across the entire rail network. This means that potential faults can be addressed pre-emptively. Moreover, the system is capable of providing a collaborative platform shared by different stakeholders from management level to maintenance taskforce.

In this 60s video series, we invited Ng Liang Chin, VP in our Mobility-Rail business to provide insights into our Enterprise Asset Management System and how it has advanced over the years.

Watch the video below for the full content.

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