Rail MRO Education Series 1: Autonomous Rail Inspection Vehicle – TunnelFox®

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60 mins

About the Webinar

As cities transform to become more connected and urbanised, rail networks are expected to be smarter, safer and more sustainable to ensure train systems run safely at speed, promote passenger comfort and minimise service disruptions.  

This has led rail operators to shift towards smart, automated and advanced analytics technologies to digitise maintenance operations in order to achieve increased capacity, improved reliability and gain additional insights to reduce total cost of ownership.

In this webinar, our mobility rail experts will walk you through the challenges faces by rail operators and tunnel owners and its potential safety impacts and service disruptions to passenger mobility.

They will also share their invaluable insights on how to transform maintenance operations with an autonomous solution that provides a comprehensive inspection and detection of track and tunnel faults and scheduled-based preventive maintenance tests to prevent breakdowns and prolong asset life, whilst increasing safety and operational efficiency across the entire rail infrastructure network.


Chua Seng Hiap

Head Rail MRO Solutions, Land MRO & Services, ST Engineering