Transforming into a Fully Integrated Data-driven Smart Car Park System in the Philippines

ST Engineering’s cloud-based GoParkin™ Smart Car Park System was successfully deployed for Philippines’ leading property developer, Filinvest Land, Inc.’s Axis Towers with more than 3,000 car park lots. Learn how GoParkin has leveraged technology and a unified data-driven approach to successfully deploy a fully digitalised car park system that improves operational efficiency, security and delivers greater cost-savings to Filinvest.


As a leading award-wining property developer in the Philippines, Filinvest Land, Inc (FLI) has a diversified portfolio of landmark projects that span across office buildings, condominiums and shopping malls. The organisation constantly strives for innovation and agility by harnessing advanced technology in its pursuit of operational and service excellence for their tenants and customers.

Drive for Innovation

To better address the challenges of operating a labour-intensive system that manages multiple car parks at its Axis Towers, FLI sought a smart parking solution to transform its conventional car park operations to a fully automated digitalised system.

The goal was to streamline and automate the management of Axis Towers’ multiple car park sites to deliver more efficient and productive operations and maintenance with minimal manpower resource utilisation. Ultimately, motorists will benefit from a seamless and hassle-free parking experience with the flexibility to enjoy multiple modes of car park payment.


Before implementing a smart car park system, Axis Towers managed its eight car parks using a highly manual process. With a total of 3,000 lots to manage, the whole process was very labour intensive, inefficient and often prone to inaccuracies and potential theft.

Manpower had to be stationed at the car park entrance and exit to issue parking tickets, calculate and collect payment as well as provide hand-written receipts to motorists. It was common to experience delays at the exit point as only cash is accepted for car park payment. Motorists were unable to view the number of available car park lots or reserve them in advance.

In addition, motorists and tenants must manually submit forms for season car park applications. This generated a lot of paperwork in the application, processing and notification of successful season parking applicants.

Tedious sales reconciliation and manual generation of reports also add up to overtime charges and low efficiency.

Fully Digitalised Solution

ST Engineering’s Smart Mobility team started with a field study of how the car parks are managed by Axis Towers before recommending a fully digitalised, cloud-based GoParkin Smart Car Park Solution that addresses the pain points of FLI and motorists.

Besides leveraging technology and an integrated platform to transform how the car parks are remotely monitored, operated and managed, our GoParkin solution includes mobile app features that greatly enhance the parking experiences of motorists. Our solution comprises:

GoParkin Smart Car Park Management Platform

The integrated GoParkin Smart Car Park Platform centralises management and fully automates all car park operations and control on a single platform. By offering a bird’s eye view through a unified dashboard with real-time monitoring, GoParkin improves efficiency, and reduces operational and manpower costs for FLI. It provides on-demand access to car parks’ occupancy status, revenue collection and report consolidation. In addition, data analytics can be used to provide useful insights for optimising the utilisation of parking spaces and future planning, while services can be better tailored to the needs of motorists.

Filinvest Car Park

GoParkin combines Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with advanced video analytics technology, to accurately capture the number plate of vehicles that enter and exit through the car park gantry barriers. This enables quick access and payment resulting in smoother vehicle entry and exit. By delivering real-time data on available lots, the app also improves the traffic flow in space-constrained car parks.

To significantly reduce the tedious process of season parking applications and notifications, GoParkin provides an end-to-end web-based portal that allows the FLI to manage the full application process and notify motorists of their application status via the GoParkin mobile app. Season parking allocation is a breeze with multi-tenanted access for different users such as building and tenant administrators, and motorists.

Motorists are no longer limited to cash payment. Instead, they can conveniently choose from multiple payment modes such as credit cards, RFID value cards and QR code tickets. FLI is also given the flexibility to set up free ad hoc car park access for short-term visitors or VIP parking.

GoParkin Mobile App

To fully benefit from a hassle-free parking experience, motorists can download and register with the GoParkin mobile app. Once they are registered, their number plate will be recognised when they enter or exit the car parks. The parking fee will be automatically calculated at the exit and billed through their account via the mobile app.

With this mobile app, motorists can search for available car park lots, check parking rates, book lots in advance and even apply for season parking. They can view all their transaction history at one glance, delivering a convenient and effortless parking experience at Axis Towers.

In the event of a car theft, alert of payment received on the vehicle owner’s mobile device when his/her vehicle exits the car park will enable swift recovery action, providing peace of mind for motorists.

The Results

FLI can now stay on top of their car park operations and management with real-time overview and monitoring of multiple car parks. The automation of payment collection, cashless payment modes and digital records saves time, manpower and prevents revenue loss from non-payment or theft of cash. As a result, the GoParkin Smart Car Park solution improves security, operational efficiency and delivers greater cost-savings to FLI.

Filinvest Car Park Group

As for the motorists, with real-time parking information at their fingertips, they can make smarter parking decisions, and save time without queuing to settle car park payments.

The app can also be integrated with other vehicle services such as payment for electric vehicle charging and location-based promotions, to generate more revenue for FLI and enhance motorists’ quality of life.

Know more about GoParkin Smart Car Park and Electric Vehicle Charging Solution.

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