Connecting Rural Communities

The partnership between VT iDirect, a global leader in IP-based satellite communications and third-largest enterprise VSAT systems vendor in the world, and Russian regional mobile operator MOTIV proved to be a powerful union. The union has since brought about 2G coverage to nearly 100 remote locations spread over thousands of kilometres, and lately, 4G LTE mobile broadband for rural areas.

Need for Coverage and Connectivity at Remote Regions

MOTIV, based in Russia’s fourth-largest city Yekaterinburg, currently uses iDirect satellite infrastructure as a GSM backhaul solution to provide 2G coverage to nearly 100 remote locations spread over thousands of kilometres. However, connectivity was much needed in the remote regions of Urals, Central Russia, as well as Northern and Western Siberia. MOTIV needed high speed, reliable data services for these areas that cannot be reached by traditional terrestrial or microwave backhaul.

Successful Deployment of Real-time and Reliable Data Services
iDirect worked around the options to offer 4G LTE services by leveraging on the iDirect SatHaul® solution together with its X7-EC modem, and iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) technology as an overlay to MOTIV’s 2G satellite-connected sites.

The outcome was positive with MOTIV reporting a 20% gain in efficiency due to the use of iDirect SatHaul® for their data overlay network. The iDirect X7-EC modem supports VSAT mobility, enabling MOTIV to operate cells-on-wheels to support emergency or special event deployments.

With the bandwidth flexibility to keep up with the changing demands in real-time with seamless throughput, the remote regions are now assured of high speed and reliable data services 24x7.

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