On-demand Autonomous Buses Won IDC Smart City APAC Awards

The On-demand Autonomous Buses by Sentosa (Singapore) is named as Top Smart City Project for Transportation – Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Public Transit, Ride-Hailing / Ride-Sharing. The significant winning is part of the IDC Smart City APAC Awards (SCAPA) 2020.

The IDC Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards (SCAPA), previously known as Smart Evolution Index, was inaugurated in Shenzhen in 2015 particularly aimed to provide a solid venue to identify the latest trends and address the prevailing challenges faced by cities, local governments and their ICT suppliers in the Asia/Pacific region. Now in its sixth year, the Smart City Asia Pacific Awards is aimed to grow its loyal following in the public sector with some of the most acclaimed regulators, industry practitioners and services providers to discuss the strategic initiatives and share successful implementations amid this developing sector in the APEJ region.

In collaboration with the Sentosa Development Corporation and Singapore’s Ministry of Transport, we have developed 4 Mobility-on-Demand-Vehicles (MODVs), 2 15-seater shuttles and 2 20-seater autonomous minibuses for intra-island travel within Sentosa. Visitors will be able to call for the MODV via an app on their smartphones or through information kiosks located across the island. For the autonomous bus to accurately position itself, it is required to collect data from multiple cameras, LIDARs, radars and ultrasonic sensors, which will be fused together and processed, to produce a 360-degree robust representation of static and dynamic objects under different weather conditions. Meanwhile sophisticated algorithms calculate free space and anticipates how the environment may change to enable smooth driving for a safe and enjoyable ride. These are all secured by technologies actively preventing any intrusions or threats that could impact driving. Remotely, a fleet manager can also actively monitor a fleet of autonomous buses using a robotics management system.

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