What is AGIL™

We are obsessed with designing brilliant products, solutions and platforms to empower you and your organisations with delightful yet decisive, impactful moments.

For every product created, for every solution engineered and for every platform integrated, AGIL acts as the heart of our conscious innovation. We constantly ask and challenge if each is inventive, intuitive and incisive to help solve real-world problems.

Thanks to emerging technology and experiential thinking, we fervently sense, connect and act, empowering over 500 projects in more than 100 smarter, more secure and sustainable cities. Sensemaking the seemingly unrelated and create meaningful ways to transform how we live, work, connect, learn, secure and communicate.

Such is the brilliance of AGIL. Uncover and Experience AGIL now.


Against the volatility and complex dynamics of the world, AGIL’s conscious innovations approach stands the test of time.

We fervently help make sense of the seemingly unrelated to act before threats happen, to bring sustainability to life and even, enliven a vibrant workforce and community.

With emerging technology tailored to value-add to your systems, processes and people, AGIL has brought about more than 100 patents and inventions. From next-gen biometrics platform to smart sensory estate lighting, Variable Pitch Platform Screen Door, the world’s smallest portable storage encryptor, satellite-connected sites for emergencies and many more, we constantly challenge the current to pursue bold ideas and lead innovation.


Our technologists and engineers aim to bring a lens of clarity and simplicity to the solutions and tools that we build for you.

Think. In the face of mission-critical scenarios, is your current solution and technologies deployed instinctive, uncomplicated and confidence-inspiring?

AGIL is about taking on a collaborative and intuitive approach to provide anticipatory services and solutions. Our team revolutionises real-life synthetic simulated training, real-time cyber and public security actionable intelligence, AI traffic-control smart junction and many more.


More than a true sense of what is happening on the ground, we distill meaningful insights to enable you to take charge and effect positive outcomes.

For every products and solutions, AGIL believes that each has potential to shape into a powerful incisive platform.

Be it Airport Operations Centre or Hospital Operations Centre, be it Intelligent Traffic Management Centre or Enterprise Asset Management System, be it Estate Security Management Centre or IoT Management Centre, we empower you to act, optimise and take charge effectively, efficiently.

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