Actionable Intelligence to Optimise Airport Operations

Axel Bensch

Aviation Strategy and Market Development, ST Engineering

With air traffic volumes doubling every 10 to 15 years, airports are facing increased pressure to optimise terminal and airside capacity.

Increasing passenger traffic and limited airport resources necessitates the need to work with innovative technology partners who bring the integrated capabilities to implement the right technologies to integrate and deliver projects enabling optimised end-to-end operational capability.

Investing in digital technology will enable smarter, data-driven airports to improve passengers' experiences and deliver operational efficiencies.

Intelligence to Optimise Terminal and Airside Capacity
The practice of data analytics is being adopted industry-wide to uncover valuable insights, gain from intelligence augmentation, and simultaneously identify operational inefficiencies.

In airport analytics, the applications range from supporting the understanding of passenger flows from curb to gate, to optimising planning, to resource allocation in the terminal, to optimising aircraft turn-around-time and airside operations.

Augmenting human decision making by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence, providing the most up-to-date operational information and forecasted events contextualised from both discovered and predicted insights, airport analytics enable the optimisation of operational performance and consequently increase passenger satisfaction.

The recently launched Airport Analytics enables airport operators to optimise operations and provide a more seamless travel experience to passengers, accelerating global airports’ data-driven journey.

Enabling Airport Analytics
The implementation of data analytics needs to be seen as incorporating continually evolving capabilities to deliver to the airports strategic, tactical and operational objectives.

Creation of value from data analytics will rely on these considerations:

- Clear identification of the value proposition and business needs

- Ensuring all stakeholders have clear alignment on objectives and outcomes

- Integration of the right data from multiple data sources

- Choosing the right data infrastructure

- Co-creation of quick wins

- Providing the ability to scale quickly

- Agile solution delivery, ongoing interactive inputs

- Building the skills in the organisation

Our Airport Analytics team provides the know-how and technology enablers for airport operators to derive and gain business value from data through an agile and customised adoption and deployment strategy.

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