Approach to Effective OT and IT Cybersecurity

Tan Chin Hua

Director, Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity, Info-security, ST Engineering

Cyber-attacks have expanded beyond the realm of IT into the physical world of Operational Technology (OT). The global trend of cyber-attacks on OT systems has intensified and will only get worse. In a survey by Ponemon Institute, 90% of OT enterprise respondents reported suffering at least one damaging cyberattack between 2017 and 2019. In sector-specific examples, cyber-attacks on the maritime industry’s OT systems have spiked by 900% over the last three years.

The dynamic cyber landscape calls for a shift in mindset from the OT professionals and cyber defenders to enable a resilient and effective OT cybersecurity system. Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) will need to adopt a holistic solution that comprises of technology, processes and deep expertise to defend their crown jewel against the sophistication of cyber-attacks in the ever-changing cyber landscape.

We have invited Tan Chin Hua, Director in Industrial Control Systems, to share the key challenges and approaches in securing IT and OT environment in this 60-seconds video.

Watch the video below for the full content.

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