Lockout Attackers in your Cloud Ecosystem

Abhishek Pradhan / Rui Maximo

Vice President / Head, Cloud Technology, ST Engineering / Director of Solutions Engineering, Polyverse

Authors: Abhishek Pradhan, Vice President / Head, Cloud Technology, ST Engineering and Rui Maximo, Director of Solutions Engineering, Polyverse

Hackers have increasingly voracious appetites, attacking every 39 seconds and on average 2,244 times a day1, crippling existing security fences and making organisations more vulnerable than ever before. It takes more than traditional firewall and antivirus solutions to create a comprehensive security system to outwit hackers. According to our study on Sensemaking Maturity Index 2020 with Forrester Consulting, 63% of the organisations are on the lookout to improve data protection and security technologies for their critical systems. What kind of protection can organisations look for?

Polymorphing is the answer. Polymorphing is a ground-breaking technology from the team at Polyverse. Back in 2014 Polyverse founder Alex Gounares had a realisation that to actually solve cybersecurity and eliminate memory-based exploits it was necessary to employ an old technique known as Moving Target Defence in a new and cost-effective way. Together the team brought a deep technical understanding of Moving Target Defence and the know-how to harness the AWS Cloud to build and distribute the modified Linux binaries at scale.

Polymorphing for Linux compiles, scrambles and serves unique hardened Linux distributions that mitigate the entire vector of memory-based attacks. How it works – Polymorphing scrambles the instruction set and memory layout at the binary level, making each instance of your operating system unique. Definitely a game changer in the evolving cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) / edge computing landscape and undoubtedly an essential technology in safeguarding critical data in mission-critical systems.

This ground-breaking technology speaks the minds of most organisations. Organisations in financial services are some such enterprises where the potential attack surface is expanding daily as new applications and APIs are launched, creating new entry points and blurring boundaries with the outside world. With the rapid shift towards digitalisation, data lakes and applications whether host on-premise or on cloud, demands for enhanced security and modern technologies are at an all-time high. With Polymorphing, finance and other critical industries can protect themselves against systemic threats from memory-based attacks and other unknown zero-days. Polymorphing also provides extreme system resilience, protecting you during periods when you cannot or choose not to patch, or when a patch is unavailable or cannot be applied. Prevention is always better than cure and organisations must proactively protect their systems.

Download the white paper, “The Key to Secured Operating Systems On-Premise and Cloud: Polymorphing”, to better understand how polymorphing technology protect against memory-based attacks and how it contributes to the cloud ecosystem.


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