Intelligence on the Road

ComfortDelGro is one of the largest land transport companies in the world. In this age of disruption, transformation is key and a top priority of the Group.

Driving Innovation

ComfortDelGro has plans to harness the technologies that will enable transformation to take place, like data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and technology platforms eco-systems, and develop its digital capabilities. It remains crucial that the Group has a presence in the future technologies arena and to gain the necessary experiences and know-how.

Automating and Generating Actionable Insight

The partnership between ComfortDelGro and ST Engineering was forged in 1995.

ComfortDelGro’s call booking system is one of the most advanced in the world and complements its GPRS-based Integrated Taxi Management System, which was first implemented in 2006. The system has helped to reduce waiting time and improve overall customer experience.

Today, ComfortDelGro continues to leverage on advanced data analytics and behavioural analysis to better match its taxis to passengers. Data science has also been deployed for the Company to better profile its cabbies and passengers, and to derive actionable insights to enhance supply and demand management. Its advanced despatch algorithm enables faster response to booking, reduces turnaround time and minimises empty cruising for cabbies. Demand heat maps have also been used to direct cabbies to locations with higher demands, thus improving the catered rate and achieving higher customer satisfaction.

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