Going Green with Electric Commercial Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is one of the key emerging drivers of sustainable mobility for cities around the world. EV adoption contributes an important part of the Paris Agreement’s1 long-term goal to limit global warming by encouraging participating countries to commit efforts to combat climate change.

With transport accounting for around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions2 and the world’s shift towards lower-carbon electricity sources, the rise of EVs offers a viable option to reduce emissions compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

In Singapore, commercial vehicles take up approximately 15% of the total vehicle population3. Being a key emission source due to its heavier usage, commercial vehicles form the ideal segment to drive EV adoption.

Initiatives to Accelerate EV Adoption

In March 2020, Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) introduced the Commercial Vehicle Emissions Scheme (CVES) and the Enhanced Early Turnover Scheme (ETS)4 to promote the adoption of cleaner, newer Light Goods Vehicles and encourage the early turnover of older, more polluting commercial vehicles.

This February, the nation unveiled its Green Plan 20305 where $30 million is set aside to accelerate EV-related initiatives in the next 5 years coupled with a slew of incentives to encourage more sustainable transportation in Singapore.

Both initiatives would likely add to the allure of making the switch for motorists and vehicle fleet owners. With the nation’s plan to build 600 charging points at more than 200 public car parks by end 2022 and 60,000 charging points at public carparks and private premises by 20306, the stage is set to go green with EVs.

Greater Market Access to EVs in Singapore

Early this year, ST Engineering’s Mobility Services, the authorised distributor of the BYD T3 fully-electric van in Singapore, has awarded a dealership to Hong Seh Evolution (HSEV). With the opening of the BYD showroom, the EV revolution in the commercial vehicle sector was set in motion.

The BYD T3 is a 100% electric compact commercial van built by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric vehicles. It can be fully charged from empty in 7.6 hours via a 7.4kW wallbox charger or in just 1.3 hours via DC fast-charging at 50kW. At full-charge, it can run for 300km. Apart from its smooth and silent acceleration, HSEV’s Executive Director Mr Edward Tan adds that the estimated fuel cost savings per year is at least $4,000 compared to a diesel-powered equivalent vehicle.

“As one of the pioneers who supports commercial vehicle electrification in Singapore, ST Engineering sees the dealership appointment as an important extension to create greater market access to electric commercial vehicles,” said Mr Chin Yong Pheng, VP/GM, Mobility Services, ST Engineering. “Together with Hong Seh Evolution, we are poised to help business owners and fleet operators to better plan and implement electrification strategy to benefit their business operations. Leveraging our deep domain experiences in vehicle electrification, customers of BYD T3 commercial van will also benefit from our professional after-sales services.

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