Continuous Value Improvement on Fire and Emergency Preparedness in Buildings

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1 hour

About the Webinar

The importance of building emergency preparedness and the ability to safely evacuate large numbers of occupants from buildings during an emergency is critical in today’s smart cities. How can building owners and facility managers create safe living and working spaces by employing a smart, infrastructure-free and fully automatic emergency lighting solution without compromising on safety, compliance and efficiency? In this webinar, Bernard Lee (Vice President, Smart Digital Building Solutions - Smart Sustainability), shares his technical expertise and invaluable insights on a proven IoT solution that delivers assurance testing of emergency lights and signs in compliance with SCDF fire safety regulations, eliminating laborious manual testing and human negligence.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Why you should invest in a wireless and automated emergency lights testing system
  • How to streamline and automate the maintenance of emergency lighting systems in your buildings
  • How retrofitting of emergency lights and signs save cost and manpower while improving asset performance


Bernard Lee

Vice President, Smart Digital Building Solutions (Smart Sustainability), ST Engineering