Campaigns Archive

Here are some campaigns that we developed to build smart, secure and
sustainable cities.

Read more to know how our products and solutions impact your daily life.


Exemplifying our deep sense of purpose to be inventive, intuitive and incisive to help solve real-world problems, AGIL celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with a special feature on #IdeasforChange with our 8 diverse women in tech.

Electronics 50

At the heart of 50 years of Electronics sector of ST Engineering, join us as we trace back our innovative roots with our pioneering leaders, uncover our invention and inspiring stories, featuring our projects and people. To our people, customers and partners, we thank you for being part of our innovative process, in shaping smart, secure and sustainable cities.

Resilience in the Dynamic

In the face of the pandemic, we let care lead our innovation. We ask if we can keep our workplace and communities safe in a smart yet sustainable way. Here we share our insights from smart contact tracing solutions to cybersecurity for digital trust, training and VR for virtual collaboration, and also take a deeper look on how a dynamic, predictive C3 systems empowers seamless hospital operations. Tech perspectives around how the aviation industry can rethink and redeploy their digitalisation are also co-curated with industry practitioners.

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